Everywhere we’ve stayed so far has been great but our hostel last night was like staying at a friend of a friend´s student house. Not good.
Our ‘spacious double room’ might have been spacious if it didn’t also have bunk beds, a dining table, 2 wheely office chairs and a dismantled wardrobe crammed within. It was also sandwiched between reception and the entrance with no sound or light proofing – we could hear every keystroke and cigarette being smoked. And after a crap night´s sleep a crap breakfast awaited! Oh well. It´s a shame when places don´t live up to the reviews.
However we are in the nicest neighbourhood of São Paulo – Vila Madalena. Cool bars, shops, outdoor galleries and graffiti. Plus it’s still sunny and hot here! It´s Saturday so lots of people hanging out over coffee and cake / beer and empanadas. In Rio we met a girl from São Paulo who has given us loads of recommendations of things to do but today we´re just pottering around.
Tonight we’re getting a 16 hour overnight bus to Foz Du Iguaccu. Hoping it’s as comfy as yesterday’s, although as we got the cheap tickets I somehow doubt it! The buses here are good value though – less than £30 for that distance.
One is enough though – we´ve splashed out on a cheap flight back…