The Pousada laid out a feast for breakfast today. Alongside the obligatory bread ham and cheese there were 4 cakes, fruit… and pizza?!

After 3 helpings of lemon meringue pie we got the 9.40 bus to São Paulo. Personally I was not relishing the thought of 6 hours on a bus but saw it as training for tomorrow’s 16 hour journey. The buses here are in a league of there own though – for long journeys they’re generally more comfortable than planes with squishy reclining armchairs, fridges of cold water and snack stops every hour or so.
Arriving at São Paulo´s main bus terminal was an event. It is huge! There are 78 platforms. As we are only here for one night we popped our luggage in storage (amazed our giant backpacks only counted as a ´medium size´bag) and navigated the metro in rush hour to Vila Madelena, the city´s bohemian quarter.
It seems no-one has a good word to say about this city – ugly, dirty, and so big! 20 million people.