5 days on the island did us so much good that we decided our next stop would be Paraty, a quaint colonial town famed for its beaches, cobbled streets and islands. Feels a bit like a Brazilian Cornwall!

After rudely being woken by a bird persistently tapping on our window (!) (it was peering in at us through the small gap in the curtains – tap tap tap- wake up! – tap tap tap – its breakfast time!) very weird; we caught a boat and a bus down the coast to Paraty.
The old town is very pretty, with whitewashed walls and coloured window and door frames, and you just know this place is heaving in the summer. Thankfully it’s mid-week, low season and therefore warm and peaceful. Turns out the roads aren’t cobbled, they’re made of massive boulders for you to negotiate. Yesterday we saw a few people desperately attempting to cycle and looking ridiculous.
Paraty old town
We’re staying outside the town, on the beach and I´m sure we’re the only people in this hotel! They still lay out breakfast like they’re feeding the 5 thousand. There are some cool bars and hostels along the sand here and prices are less than in the old town.
Our second day here was a bit lost as Stef had a migraine. I just had (another) lazy day wandering the beach and reading.
Next we move from this quaint quiet town to the big bad city of Sao Paulo.