We left Kuala Lumper in the only way fitting of a stay with Queen P…late, hungover, wearing last nights clothes and very nearly on the wrong bus.

We did however get away and a few painful hours later we arrived in bustling Singapore, gearing up for the weekends Grand Prix, and the main reason we were in town.

We checked into what was probably the smallest room we have stayed in so far on the trip. The room was only marginally bigger than a double bed, with the nearest shared bathroom in a separate building! They solved the space issue however by putting the bed on stilts so that it hovered 6 feet up in the air, just below the ceiling. Indigenous isn’t it, why aren’t all rooms split in two using a floating bed so we could double the space?! I’ll tell you why, because it’s a shit idea. Rant over.

We dumped our stuff and headed downtown to pick up our tickets and catch a bit of the Friday practice sessions. For the benefit of anyone reading that doesn’t know anything about the Singapore Grand Prix. The circuit is actually the streets around Marina Bay in the heart of Singapore. The track snakes it way around many of the iconic sights, Raffles, The Fullerton and the Marina Bay Sands to name but a few. The race is held at night (the only of its kind) so the track is illuminated using over 40,000 stadium lights, which combined with the lights of city skyline all around you make for a visually stunning spectacle, and that’s before the cars are out!

Converting a city centre into a Formula1 race track doesn’t come easy though, with over 25,000 people involved in setting up the weekend event and preparations starting 6 months in advance! You’d think that might be a little inconvenient for those living here, however everyone appeared mad for it, and the atmosphere was electric all weekend.

Suitably deafened from the practice sessions we made our way over to Clark Quay for drinks and dinner before retiring for the night.

The following morning we spent a very sweaty few hours walking around Little India before retreating into a shopping centre (you’re never far from one in Singapore) for a well needed fix of air-con and ice tea. In the evening we headed down to the track to watch the qualifying sessions. Not an altogether surprising pole position from Vettel, but deserved nonetheless, I was surprised to see Grosjon and Rosberg so far up the grid. Following the qualifying we ducked under the track to the main stage where the Killers were playing that night. Neither of us are big fans, but we both thought they put on a good set for the tens of thousands that were there.

The next day was spent wandering around Marina Bay and the gardens just south of there. We also visited the striking Art Science Museum (shaped like a lotus flower) who were running a National Geographic photography exhibition at the time which is brilliant. A quick bite to eat and then we made our way over to the track for the race that evening. As we had roaming tickets it meant we could wander around during the race finding different trackside spots to watch the action live. Or just sit on the grass watching it on the big screens listening to the sounds of the engines as they screamed past. Awesome.

Following the race there was a ridiculous fireworks followed by Rihanna who was closing the weekend on stage. The fireworks were awesome , she was rubbish.

On our last day we finally made it to Singapore Zoo. I say finally because we had been trying for two days now, but between sleeping in and missing the bus, and waking up in time but standing at the wrong bus stop, the zoo had so far eluded us.

We both like a good zoo, and Singapore is definitely one of the better ones. Surrounded by water they have built an open air zoo, whereby several of the animals are free to roam around, and those you wouldn’t want mingling with the paying customers are restricted using moats typically, instead of cages which gives it a nice feel.

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