We met “Queen P” on our Dragoman tour in South America. The devil on everyone’s shoulder, she was usually found cackling at the back of the truck with a flask of Jack Daniels.

She invited us to stay for a couple of nights in Kuala Lumpur before we headed to Singapore. True to form she greeted us with shots of a homemade chocolate-vodka concoction washed down with a welcoming cold beer. We knew Queen P was on the radio here in KL, and in South America had found it hilarious that this rock chick with a collection of over 270 Bob Marley t-shirts had presented a late night love phone-in show. She’s now the ‘eye in the sky’, broadcasting traffic to KL every 20 minutes and a familiar voice to thousands of residents. We realised just how much of a local celebrity she was when she showed us her full page ads in the local paper and a 3 page interview in Top Gear magazine (which she’d never heard of!). We spent the night catching up, swapping travel stories over copius bottles of wine and curry and teaching P new sign-offs copied straight from Anchorman.

The following day Stef and I had a bleary-eyed wander around KL’s shopping malls avoiding the extreme heat and humidity outside. I was very happy to be meeting up with Neina, a friend from back home who had just moved to teach in the city. The three of us parked ourselves outside a bar during happy hour and shared stories while simultaneously fending off small children selling laser pens.

Soon enough trouble herself turned up fresh from a shift and with a few radio colleagues in tow. Jugs of margaritas later, Queen P announced she had a bottle of JD ‘parked’ in half the bars along the strip and so the night continued.

A brief but mad visit to KL, great to see Queen P again and her hospitality is fantastic. Before we left she pressed a set of house keys on us so that we always have a place to stay if we need it!