Stef and I both spend a huge amount of time talking about food, reading about food, and eating too much food.

One of our favourite things about travelling is sampling the local cuisine and feeling inspired to recreate it when on our return home (well perhaps with the exception of some of the South American dishes.. We won’t be serving up bland triple-carb attacks or BBQ’d beetle larvae anytime soon!)

A cookery course in Thailand was on our ‘list’ and though Chiang Mai has many schools we went with the highly recommended Asia Scenic.

Giggly Sue was our teacher for the day and talked us through the menu. With 6 courses and each of us could choosing a dish from each to cook, I was regretting eating breakfast already.

First up was a visit to the market to get supplies and learn about the local fruit and veg that were available.



Here you could get the freshest fish seen yet: a bucket of live red snapper being BBQ’d to order.


Back at school we started with Hot Basil stir-frys and sticky rice.




Followed by appetisers. Stef mastered rolling spring rolls and I went for a spicy papaya salad.



We were amazed at how simple everything was to cook, but of course it’s easier when half the vegetables have already been chopped for you!

Feeing pretty stuffed already we took a half hour breather before getting stuck in making curry paste. Grinding everything by hand was hard work! Definitely one for the blender back home.


We prepped our soups and desserts, cooked our curries and then sat down for a feast. Everyone shared their dishes so we got to sample almost everything (except for the Yorkshire lad who really couldn’t handle spicy food)

Stef’s finished menu: Hot stirfry basil, Spring rolls, Tom Sab soup, Red curry, Deep-fried bananas.

Lou: Hot stirfry basil, Papaya salad, Tom Yum soup, Massaman curry, Sticky rice with mango

We practically rolled back to our hotel!